Ben Stevens

After spending six years as a theologian and writer, I decided to make a vocational shift and am now pursuing studies in real estate development at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. I plan to continue writing about theology in the future, but I am also looking forward to this new chapter.

I studied German at Missouri State and at the University of Marburg. After finishing my bachelor’s, I did graduate work in theology and intercultural studies at Trinity Divinity School in Chicago. For two years after graduation, I did full-time fundraising in the non-profit sector, then I took a position teaching theology in Berlin, Germany, where I lived for 3 years. I speak German at the C2 or near native level.

When I began contemplating a career shift, I decided that architecture was out of reach for practical reasons, and architect friends won me for the importance of urban planning, but many planners encouraged me to pursue those interests on the development side of the equation. So I am now doing that via graduate studies at the University of Wisconsin as well as via interviews I will be conducting as the host of Skyline.

My published articles touch on topics as wide-ranging as relationships, forgiveness, time, money, cinematography, and the relationship between design and theology. My first book, an modern-language adaptation of a fascinating theological treatise from 1765, was published by Navpress in July 2014.