Ben Stevens

I’m a writer and fundraiser. My writing has appeared in publications like the Washington Times, The Huffington Post, and Relevant Magazine. To date, I have done half a million dollars in fundraising in the non-profit sector. I live with my wife and best friend Becky in Berlin, Germany.

I studied German at Missouri State and at the University of Marburg. After finishing my bachelor’s, I did graduate work in theology and intercultural studies at Trinity Divinity School in Chicago. For two years after graduation, I did full-time fundraising in the non-profit sector, then I took a position teaching theology while continuing my freelance writing. I speak German at the C2 or near native level.

My published articles touch on topics as wide-ranging as relationships, forgiveness, time, money, cinematography, and the relationship between design and theologyMy first book, an modern-language adaptation of a fascinating theological treatise from 1765, was published by Navpress in July 2014. If you’re interested, see my notes on writing in general, on publishing, on submitting your first article, and on why I think blogging is a poor use of time.

I am proficient in programs in the Adobe Suite such as Premiere Pro, Photoshop, and InDesign, and I feel comfortable working in portrait photography, videography, and studio lighting.